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I Need A Website
I’ll help you get a website online and create a strategy to make sure it gets business.
I Need More Sales
You already have a website, but it isn’t getting the leads and sales it could. Let me help.
Most Web-Designers Have It All Wrong…
Most web designers are too focused on creating “beautiful websites”. They don’t focus on the greater goal: getting business.

I take a radically different approach. To me, business is everything. A website that doesn’t make sales isn’t a good website – no matter how good it may look…

A business is an ever-evolving, always adjusting, on-going thing – why should its website be static and unchanging?

More often than not web-designers build a website and then ride off into the sunset. We don’t.

Looking at data and analytics I help you tailor your site to the real-world results. A website might not be affected by the weather of the day – but always needs to adapt climate-changes.
Some Of My Work
Peek At Some Of The Client’s I’ve Worked With…
Driving Sales By Combining The Most Powerful Tools With Business Experience
It’s impossible to predict how people will react to something until it’s live. By analysing the data and looking at user’s behaviour once the site is live, I’m able to adjust and optimise it to drive sales.

A website that can’t be adjusted and tweaked by the person who knows the business best isn’t worth much. I setup every website in a way that allows you to adapt it and update it as the business changes and grows.

Online sales are powerful, efficient, and profitable if they’re done right. I’ll help you set up a store, create offers that appeal to your potential customers, and make sales on your site.

By utilizing under-appreciated, yet remarkably powerful technology such as automated email sequences, sales funnels, and audience segregation I’ll help you grow your traffic (and your revenue).

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