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Website design meets Online marketing

A website that looks beautiful but doesn’t generate leads and turn them into profit is an artwork – not a marketing tool.

Most people think the job is done once you’ve got a website, but in reality that’s when the job starts.

So if you’ve come to put a website online that truly grows your revenue, you’re in the right place…

Traffic growth strategy

A beautiful website isn't enough. You need people to actually visit the site. We'll help you develop a solid strategy for drawing in the crowds.

online sales strategy

Selling online is different to selling anywhere else. We'll help you make the adjustments needed to generate business on your site.

Online business strategy

We'll help you setup sales funnels and email campaigns to make your customers' journey effortless and straight to the purchase.

Data driven approach

Analytics and data guide our approach, and we'll work with you over time to tailor your strategy to what's happening in the trenches.

A Fearless
Version of Your Business

You’ve already taken a courageous step by starting a business. Now it’s time to take it a step further and grow.

We don’t just ask ‘so, what do you need?’, build your website, and ride off into the sunset. We’re in the trenches with you. We’ll help you develop a strategy and adjust it based on your site’s data. We’ll help you actually get people to your site. We’ll help you actually sell online.

We don’t just build your website…

We handle everything related to your business’ digital marketing

As a business owner you’ve got a lot of things to worry about. You know that a website is vital, and you know that without driving traffic to the website, and converting those visitors into customers… It’s pointless.

But building all of it, and using trial and error as your marketing strategy, is time consuming and often frustrating. You can easily get strangled up and lost in marketing your business, only to realise you couldn’t spend time on what you do best: running your business.

You can’t just hire a traditional web-design agency or freelancer though, because they’re designers, not marketers. They simply don’t have the marketing expertise to  grow your business effectively.

That’s where Mingan Designs comes in. 

We’ve combined expert web-design with years of digital marketing experience to create the perfect solution for business owners like you.

We’ve got a dedicated 24/7 team ready to help with technical queries. And I’m personally happy to help with any guidance or help on execution you need on an ongoing basis.

Mingan Beyleveld

Elevate Your Profitability

Getting traffic to your site, converting those visitors, and making sales in a profitable way should be the key focus.

It’s easy to get distracted and sucked into the hundreds of options and tools that don’t prioritise generating profit. 

We forget jargon and focus on helping you create a profitable business with a clear strategy for dominating the online realm.


I’m already fully booked for the year, and it’s only February. Ever since you started working on my SEO and the general look of my website, I have received so many enquiries that actually turned into bookings. At the moment 90% of my business comes from people finding my website on Google and Instagram. 

Thanks so much for that!

Nina Buys

photographer , nina buys photography

Tired of designers asking...
'So what would you like?'

We’ll help you build a high-converting site, especially if you don’t know exactely what you need.
We’ll help define what your site needs to do, and how it should look. Having a beautiful site that doesn’t get traffic, or doesn’t convert that traffic to sales is pointless.

buyer journey creation

On average a customer needs to be introduced to an idea 7 times before they’re ready to commit (and take out their wallet).

That means interacting with prospects is crucial. That’s where email marketing, content creation, and automated email campaigns come in.

We’ll help you create a strategy to send potential customers on a journey from browsing to buying that feels natural.

traffic generation strategy

A website with no strategy to generate traffic is like a billboard in your back yard. It looks great but no-one gets to see it.

We don’t just tell you to ‘start a blog’. We help you find a strategy that truly suits your business, your time, and your goals. From ways to generate traffic for your site, to digital marketing strategies.

We’ll help you get your target audience in the door.

"Thanks to Mingan my dreams of owning a successful business were enhanced broadly. They say invest in people like these and we will definitely see a lot more successful people in the world.
Once again, Thanks Mingan! I couldn't have gone any place better."
Jason Mwansa
The New Business Catalyst

we'll help you get it just right

We’ll help you edit and revise your website for maximum conversions. We’ll have a look and give you feedback to help you convert more prospects into customers.

Features to start, sell & grow

website development

  • A Custom-Built 5-Page Website
  • Business Email Adress Setup for up to 10 email addresses such as info@yourbusiness.com
  • Email Opt-in and Automated Sequence Setup with Custom-Built Mailing Lists
  • Analytics Setup and an Easy Analytics Dashboard to Monitor your website
  • Conversion and Search Engine Optimisation for increased visibility and better conversion rates

Strategy creation

  • A back-to-basics approach
  • Expert Guidance & 1-on-1 Strategy Development
  • Traffic Generation: Time-proven Strategies Adapted To Suit Your Business, Ensuring Customers Find Your Site
  • Sales Strategy Creation: A strategy to move visitors from seeing your site, to buying your product
  • Marketing Strategy Development: A marketing plan that suits your style

You'll get...

Traffic Generation Strategy

An individually crafted, in-depth, actionable plan to get traffic to your website.

Online Marketing Strategy

A step-by-step plan for marketing your business to your audience, from sending emails to printing flyers.

Buyer Journey Development

We’ll help you create sales funnels and ensure prospects go from landing on your site to your sales page smoothly.

Search Engine Optimisation

We’ll do the research, you can implement the results. We’ll work with you to find keywords and strategies that give you the best chance at ranking highly on search engines.

Expert Business Feedback

Mingan will assess your website, looking at everything from your images to your text and give advice on where you can improve to increase conversions.

The Tools You Need

With our ‘3M System Site Builder’ package we’ll set you up with a world-class, easy to use, website builder and high speed hosting. On our ‘Full Site Construction’ package you can choose between our Website Builder or a WordPress website.


Most frequent questions and answers

By strategy we don’t mean a generic checklist or template plan we put your name on and click send. We’re talking about a real strategy to give you clarity and expert input on growing your business.

We’ll hop on a call with you and figure out how to grow your business. Then we’ll put it into words, show you where to do and get what, and send it to you. Later, we’ll follow up and help you make adjustments where needed.

Absolutely! It’s important to have a mobile and desktop-friendly website.

site construction

I'll build your website for you, help you develop a full strategy for success and guide you along the way.
  • Full Online Marketing Strategy
  • Full Digital Sales Strategy
  • Traffic Generation Strategy
  • 5-Page Website Design
  • Email Opt-ins & Drip-Campaign Setup
  • Business Email Setup (up to 10 emails)
  • Domain Name Registration & SSL installation
  • Search Engine Optimisation and Keyword Strategy
  • Analytics Setup
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • 24/7 Technical Support

site construction plus

In addition to building your website, and helping you with a strategy I'll give you some extra support along the way.
  • Full Online Marketing Strategy
  • Full Digital Sales Strategy
  • Traffic Generation & Ad-Campaign Strategy
  • 5-Page Website Design
  • Email Opt-ins & Drip-Campaign Setup
  • Business Email Setup (up to 50 emails)
  • Domain Name Registration & SSL installation
  • Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation
  • Analytics Setup & Monthly Reporting
  • On-going Conversion Optimisation
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Monthly Strategy Calls with Mingan
  • Daily Website Backups
  • McAfee Web Security
  • 1 Hour Per Month Free Website Development

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